Auditing Courses

Permission to audit a course must be obtained from the Faculty for the course, the Program Head responsible for the course in question and the Academic Advisor.

The faculty shall provide to persons intending to audit a course a written statement prescribing the extent to which they may participate in the work of the course. No official transcript record of audited courses will be provided. The procedures for registration and course changes are the same as for regular course attempts, except that after the end of the add period, a student who is registered under audit status for a particular course is committed to that status and may not convert to credit status for the same course. A student may change from credit to audit status up to the drop deadline applicable to that course, with approval. A fee is assigned for each audit course except in the case of a student holding full-time classification. Full-time students who have received approval for audit courses are not assessed additional fees.

The student who receives approval to audit should discuss with the faculty the conditions under which that approval is given including, for example, attendance, submission of term work, taking of examinations.

An approved audit course does not constitute a course attempt. No official grade will be reported, and audit courses will not be used in the determination of the eligibility for continuation of study. Also, no official documentation will be provided to verify the auditing of a course.

Audit courses are not considered in calculating full-time or part-time status.