V. International Study

Study Abroad Programs

University of Guelph students have various options to incorporate a study abroad opportunity into their degree, including exchange programs, summer field schools, summer language programs, research abroad, and summer exchange. (Learn more about each option below).

Study abroad programs offer students an opportunity to continue paying U of G tuition and earn credits towards their U of G degree, while in another country. Additionally, participants in a U of G study abroad program may qualify for a travel scholarship/grant, see Chapter IX--Scholarships and Other Awards for details.

For information on these, other abroad opportunities, the application process, and more, please check out the CIP website, email cip@uoguelph.ca, or visit the CIP front desk on level 3 of the University Centre (access from the south elevators).

Exchange Programs

Students, undergraduate or graduate, can spend a semester or two on exchange studying at one of CIP’s partner institutions, available in over 30 countries. Check out the Study Abroad Program Search Tool to explore your options. On exchange students will take courses at their host university, then work with their program counsellor to transfer credits back to U of G once they return as either a pass/fail/outstanding pass. Regulations about exchange programs are shown in Exchange Programs of Chapter VIII—Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures.

Field Schools

Field schools combine academics with hands-on experiential learning “in the field”.  These are U of G courses where you will travel with a U of G professor and group of students for a few weeks in May/June and have the opportunity to combine in class learning with visits to local sites, businesses, and attractions. The field schools being offered changes each year, so check out the CIP website for details about the field schools currently offered.

Other Summer Abroad Options

SUMMER EXCHANGE: some of CIP’s partner universities offer summer courses for our students. These are typically 3-4 weeks long and students can receive part-time U of G credits for participating.

SUMMER LANGUAGE PROGRAMS: develop your language skills at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level in Spain, France, Germany, China, or India.

SUMMER RESEARCH ABROAD: students will work with a research supervisor at one of our participating partner universities and earn U of G credit. If co-op students receive approval ahead of time, this research abroad can be used as a co-op placement.