Advanced Standing Credit

In some specific instances, students in particular graduate programs may seek approval for advanced standing credit, based on graduate courses taken before their admission to the University of Guelph graduate program. A maximum of two courses will be considered for advanced standing credit. The minimum grade acceptable for transfer credit is 70% (B-). The requirements and procedures for seeking such approval are summarized below. Courses submitted for consideration for approval must include the following elements:

  • must be credit courses in a graduate degree program offered through an accredited institution;
  • must include evaluative components that are graded (i.e. include assignments or exams that are graded);
  • must be of comparable credit weight to graduate courses offered at the University of Guelph;
  • must not duplicate work already completed by the student in the University of Guelph program.

Requests for advanced standing credit are considered on their individual merits.

To apply for advanced standing credit, students must submit a formal written request to the relevant Graduate Program Coordinator, including a course outline with sufficient detail that the course can be assessed against the above criteria. If a sufficiently detailed course outline is not available, it is the student's responsibility to obtain additional information from the institution at which the course was taken. The application for advanced standing must be submitted at the time of application to graduate studies, and no later than the end of the first week of the semester of the student's first registered semester.

The request shall be submitted by the Graduate Program Coordinator to the Graduate Program Committee, which will review the documentation according to the following criteria.

  • The student obtained a minimum grade of 70% (B-) in the course.
  • The course was not used by the student to obtain a degree.
  • The course was not used to obtain admission to the graduate program.
  • The course is equivalent in credit weight and level to the course within the University of Guelph program for which it is to substitute.

If approved, the advanced standing credit(s) will be noted on the student's Graduate Degree Program form and transcript.