Open Learning and Educational Support (OpenEd)

The Open Learning program is an open-admission program that provides anyone, regardless of their academic background, with an opportunity to register for University of Guelph online degree-credit courses.

Students may choose to register in the Open Learning program for personal enrichment, professional development, eventual application to a degree program, or to satisfy requirements from another post-secondary institution.

Open Learning program students can expect to have the same workload, assignments and examinations as those in a degree program. Upon successful course completion, they will receive the same credit weight as students in a degree program.

No limit applies to the total number of distance education courses taken through Open Learning although students may enrol in a maximum of 1.50 credits (three courses) per semester.

Visit the OpenEd website for more information.

Students wishing to apply to transfer from Open Learning to a degree program should contact Admission Services to obtain admission information specific to the degree program of their choice.

All students must have completed any specific secondary school subject requirements, or equivalents, and their post-secondary academic record must meet the requirements for Continuation of Studies. The academic record from any previous post-secondary experience will also be considered in determining admissibility. Applicants must also satisfy the English Proficiency requirements as outlined in the previous section.

For some programs, performance in specific required courses, forms or background experience, where applicable, may be a consideration for admission. For all programs, where qualified applicants exceed the number of spaces available, admission decisions will be made on a competitive basis.