Letter of Permission

Students Studying at Universities Outside Ontario

Students who are completing graduate programs at universities outside Ontario and who wish to complete some course work at the University of Guelph may apply for admission to a non-degree program on a Letter of Permission.

Students who wish to be admitted to a non-degree program on Letter of Permission must complete and submit the University of Guelph “Application for Admission to Graduate Studies” form (available from the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies) along with a letter from the Dean of Graduate Studies/ Assistant Vice-President (Graduate Studies) or equivalent of the student's home university. This letter must outline precisely what course work the student is expected to complete while at Guelph, and how the work completed at the University of Guelph will be applied and credited to the student's program of study at the home university. No further admission documentation is required.

Students admitted on a Letter of Permission will be registered as “Special” status students in the non-degree program. It is the student’s responsibility to request that the University of Guelph transcripts be submitted to the home university. See the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for more information.

University of Guelph Graduate Students

Graduate students who wish to study at another institution outside of Ontario and have credits transferred to the University of Guelph must receive permission in advance by completing the Letter of Permission request form. Students are required to maintain their University of Guelph registration while taking a course on Letter of Permission. Students are responsible for making the necessary arrangements for admission to the host university and for any fees payable. For more information, please see the Office of Graduate Studies website.