Transfer of Credits, Post Admission

Students who have left an uncompleted graduate program elsewhere and have gained admission to graduate studies at the University of Guelph may be eligible to transfer some credits by submitting an “Application for Transfer Credit” form. Transfer credit may be assigned if the courses are deemed relevant to the student’s program of study. The minimum grade acceptable for transfer credit is 70% (B-).

Graduate courses taken for credit in non-degree programs or through the University of Guelph Open Learning Program (at either the graduate or undergraduate level) may also be considered for transfer credit. Such courses must not have been used for credit towards any degree or honours equivalent qualification, and must not have been a part of the basic minimum admissions requirement for the University of Guelph graduate program.

Students may not complete more than half of their prescribed course requirements outside of the University of Guelph graduate program, whether through Letter of Permission, the Ontario Visiting Graduate Student program, or advanced standing credit or transfer procedures, and must meet the minimum duration of the program into which they have been accepted.

See section Establishment of the Program of Study for more information.