Certificate in Public Policy and Administration

The five-course Certificate in Public Policy and Administration is designed to provide a solid base in key concepts and foundations of Canadian government, policy and administration by bringing together a number of Canadian political science and public policy courses. This certificate will be of interest to individuals currently working or seeking employment in the public sector or quasi-public sector as well as undergraduate students. All six courses in this certificate are also available in distance education format and to earn the Certificate, students will be required to successfully complete five of the six courses (2.50 credits) as follows:

Required Courses
POLS*2230Public Policy0.50
POLS*2250Public Administration and Governance0.50
Select three of the following:
POLS*2300Canadian Government and Politics0.50
POLS*3250Public Policy: Challenges and Prospects0.50
POLS*3300Governing Criminal Justice0.50
POLS*3370Environmental Politics and Governance0.50
POLS*3440Corruption, Scandal and Political Ethics0.50

For information about this certificate, please visit the Open Learning and Educational Support website.