Certificate in Food Science

The Certificate in Food Science program is offered by the Department of Food Science to University of Guelph undergraduate students or online to Open Learning program students. It concentrates on the chemistry, analysis, microbiology and processing of foods, and on the maintenance of food safety and quality throughout. The Food Science certificate program provides recognition for food science education for University of Guelph students not in the B.Sc. Food Science Major and for individuals outside of the University of Guelph interested in the field of Food Science. Post-secondary courses in microbiology and chemistry are prerequisites for entrance into the program.

In-course students can select courses and when completed apply for the certificate through the Open Learning and Educational Support office (note the double-counting rule under XI. Special Study Opportunities, Certificates and Diplomas). Individuals from outside the University of Guelph should register for courses through the Open Learning and Educational Support office.

The DE courses of the program cannot be used as substitutes for core courses or restricted electives in the B.Sc. Food Science Major.

Required Courses
FOOD*2010Principles of Food Science0.50
or FOOD*2150 Introduction to Nutritional and Food Science
FOOD*2410Introduction to Food Processing0.50
or FOOD*3160 Food Processing I
Select one of the following:
FOOD*3430Introduction to Food Analysis0.50
FOOD*4190Advanced Food Analysis0.50
FOOD*4310Food Safety Management Systems0.50
Select one of the following:
FOOD*2400Introduction to Food Chemistry0.50
FOOD*3030Food Chemistry I0.50
FOOD*3050Food Chemistry I0.50
Select one of the following:
FOOD*2420Introduction to Food Microbiology0.50
FOOD*3230Food Microbiology0.75
FOOD*3240Food Microbiology0.50

For more information, please visit the Open Learning and Educational Support website.