Certificate in Communication Process: Bridging Theory and Practice

The five-course online Certificate in Communication Process sets out to enhance participants' knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for successful careers in business, human resource management, education, medical and veterinary professions, social work, criminology, and international development.

This program focuses on facilitating knowledge-sharing through verbal and non-verbal signs and symbols, as it relates to units of different size and complexity - among individuals, groups, organizations, nations and regions of the world. By gaining insight into various communication processes, participants will be better equipped to effectively manage change in a constantly evolving environment.

The Certificate in Communication Process, available to both undergraduate students and open learners, is offered online through University of Guelph's School of Environmental Design and Rural Development, and is structured as follows:

Required Courses
EDRD*2020Interpersonal Communication0.50
EDRD*3120Educational Communication0.50
EDRD*3140Organizational Communication0.50
EDRD*3160International Communication0.50
EDRD*4120Leadership Development in Small Organizations0.50

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