Certificate in Business

The Certificate in Business is designed to be beneficial to those who are not enrolled in a business program, but wish to gain knowledge of business concepts. It provides participants with opportunities to develop the professional skills essential for success in business environments. The functional areas of business are introduced in required courses. Participants may customize their learning through their choice of electives by either focusing on one particular subject area or selecting from different subject areas for more breadth. The Certificate in Business, available to both undergraduate students and open learners, is offered by the University of Guelph through the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics.

Students registered in the B.Comm., the B.A. in Justice and Legal Studies with an Area of Emphasis in Business, or in the minors in Business, Business Economics, or in the BA European Studies program with an emphasis in European Business are not eligible for this Certificate.

Required Course
MGMT*2150Introduction to Canadian Business Management0.50
Restricted Electives
2.00 credits including
i) a minimum 0.50 credits from courses at the 3000 or 4000 level; ii) a minimum of 1.00 credits must have either an ACCT, ECON, FIN, HROB, MCS, or MGMT prefix.
ACCT*1220Introductory Financial Accounting0.50
ACCT*2230Management Accounting0.50
ECON*1050Introductory Microeconomics0.50
ECON*1100Introductory Macroeconomics0.50
EDRD*3140Organizational Communication0.50
EDRD*4120Leadership Development in Small Organizations0.50
ENGG*3240Engineering Economics0.50
ENGG*4510Assessment and Management of Risk0.50
FARE*3310Operations Management0.50
FARE*4360Marketing Research0.50
FARE*4370Food & Agri Marketing Management0.50
FIN*2000Introduction to Finance0.50
HROB*2010Foundations of Leadership0.50
HROB*2090Individuals and Groups in Organizations0.50
HROB*2200Labour Relations0.50
HROB*2290Human Resources Management0.50
IDEV*1000Understanding Development and Global Inequalities0.50
IDEV*2400Development, Social Justice and Human Rights0.50
MCS*1000Introductory Marketing0.50
MCS*2020Information Management0.50
MCS*2100Personal Financial Management0.50
MCS*2600Fundamentals of Consumer Behaviour0.50
MCS*3000Advanced Marketing0.50
MCS*3040Business and Consumer Law0.50
MGMT*2260Introduction to International Business0.50
MGMT*2500Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship0.50
MGMT*3020Corporate Social Responsibility0.50
MGMT*3140Business Analytics0.50
MGMT*3300Project Management0.50
MGMT*4050Business Consulting0.50
MGMT*4060Business Consulting0.50
PHIL*2600Business and Professional Ethics0.50
POLS*2250Public Administration and Governance0.50
POLS*3470Business-Government Relations in Canada0.50
PSYC*4330Industrial/Organizational Psychology0.50
SOAN*3040Globalization of Work and Organizations0.50

Note: Not all restricted elective courses identified in this list will necessarily be open to all students in the Business certificate. Some courses have priority access restrictions or may be limited to students enrolled in the major from which the courses are drawn. In some cases, a Course Waiver Request form signed by the instructor may be required in order for students to add these courses to their schedule. Please consult with the department offering the course about possible access. Some courses may also have prerequisites, which are identified in course descriptions in the academic calendar.  For more information about this Certificate, please visit the Open Learning and Educational Support website.