Certificate in Accounting

Department of Management, Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics

The Certificate in Accounting is designed to be beneficial to those who are not enrolled in a Business program but wish to gain specific accounting knowledge. It provides participants with opportunities to develop financial accounting, management accounting, financial management, taxation, and audit skills.  Participants may customize their learning through their choice of restricted electives by either focusing on one particular subject area or selecting from different subject areas for more breadth. The Certificate in Accounting is available to both undergraduate students and open learners, with the exception of those students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce, Minor in Accounting, or Minor in Business.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Certificate in Accounting students will be able to:

  • Technical knowledge. Demonstrate introductory technical knowledge in the areas of financial accounting; management accounting; financial management.
  • Analysis. Demonstrate the ability to prioritize and analyze accounting issues in situations of low to moderate complexity. 
  • Evaluation:  Apply technical accounting knowledge and draw logical conclusions for issues in situations of low to moderate complexity.


Required Courses
ACCT*1220Introductory Financial Accounting0.50
ACCT*2230Management Accounting0.50
ACCT*3330Intermediate Financial Accounting I0.50
MGMT*3320Financial Management0.50
Restricted Electives
Select 0.50 credits from the following:
ACCT*1240Applied Financial Accounting0.50
ACCT*3230Intermediate Management Accounting0.50
ACCT*3280Auditing I0.50
ACCT*3340Intermediate Financial Accounting II0.50
MGMT*3140Business Analytics0.50

For more information about this Certificate, please visit the Open Learning and Educational Support website: Certificate in Accounting - UofG OpenEd (uoguelph.ca)