Procedures for Work Term Reports

A Co-op Work Report is required for each co-op work term which the student accepts. Co-op Work Reports must be submitted to the Co-op Faculty Advisor according to the deadline indicated in the Undergraduate Calendar. The Co-op Faculty Advisor is responsible for grading the co-op work report within the agreed to deadlines listed in the Schedule of Dates. Students completing two or more consecutive co-op work terms with the same employer should consult with their Co-op Faculty Advisor regarding co-op work report requirements for eight or twelve month co-op work terms. A grade of Outstanding, Very Good, Good, Satisfactory, or Unsatisfactory will appear on the student's Academic Record.

A student who does not submit a Co-op Work Report will be required to withdraw from co-op and a grade of “Required to Withdraw from Co-op” will be assigned to the student’s official transcript. A student who receives an Unsatisfactory Co-op Work Report Evaluation will be given one opportunity to make revisions and resubmit the co-op report during the semester following the co-op work term. Students who are resubmitting a co-op work report within the prescribed timeline will not be eligible to proceed to the next employment process until receiving a grade of Satisfactory or higher on the report. If, upon resubmission, the co-op work report evaluation remains Unsatisfactory, the student will be required to withdraw from Co-op and will be transferred to the regular program.

Confidential Co-op Work Reports are not permitted.