Continuation of Study

Co-op students are required to be registered full-time for the duration of their program and follow their academic and work sequence as outlined in the Undergraduate Calendar1. Students are also required to meet the conditions for continuation of study for their degree program as listed in the Undergraduate Calendar.  Students must complete and pass the mandatory Introduction to Co-operative Education COOP*1100 and required co-op professional development modules.  Co-op students are also required to meet other conditions, (e.g. satisfactory co-op work reports, work performance evaluations and learning goals) in order to continue in the co-op program. Complete conditions for continuation of study for a co-op program are outlined in the "Policy Agreement for Student Involvement in Co-operative Education University of Guelph". The complete policy can be viewed at


For students that cannot follow the prescribed schedule for their co-op program, exceptions will be made for students registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) requiring an accommodation.  Exceptions will also be considered for students who have temporarily reduced their course load if there are sufficient extenuating medical, psychological, or compassionate circumstances.    EL Hub must approve the accommodation plan and students may be requested to provide additional information during the approval process.