International Study Option

Formal recognition on the graduate transcript is accorded graduate students who successfully complete a period of study in another country as part of their program at Guelph. The study must be an integral part of the student's approved graduate studies. Credit will not be granted for international study commenced or completed prior to approval of the student's study plan by the Assistant Vice-President (Graduate Studies).


Admission to the international study option may be granted to any registered graduate student on the recommendation of the department. Application forms are available in the Office of Graduate Studies.

Minimum and Maximum Durations

The minimum duration of study is six weeks abroad and the maximum duration is one year.


The student's international study is planned and progress kept under review by the department and the student's advisory committee.


Credit for the international study option is dependent on the completion of a study approved by the department. Details may be obtained from the Office of Graduate Studies. A written report on the study is required, a copy of which must be submitted to the Assistant Vice-President (Graduate Studies). Upon approval of the written report in the Office of Graduate Studies, UNIV*6500 International Study Option is added to the student's academic record with a grade notation of SAT (satisfactory).