Research Activities at the University of Guelph

Graduate student advisors assume the responsibility of ensuring that research activities related to the student’s academic program comply with University regulations, policies and procedures. The graduate student advisor and student should ensure that if the project involves human participants, or the use of live animals, the project has appropriate approval from the Research Ethics Board, or the Animal Care Committee, as appropriate. The preparation of the documentation required for approval by the Research Ethics Board or the Animal Care Committee takes several weeks. In accordance with the Canadian Council on Animal Care, anyone who is handling animals for purposes of teaching or research must have appropriate training which is provided by the University of Guelph. See section Animal Care Short Course Requirement.

When a project involves risk—including handling dangerous materials—the advisor (and student, as appropriate) should consult with Occupational Health and Safety to ensure compliance with standards of health and safety.

A student whose research involves international travel must consult with the staff in the Centre for International Programs
( to ensure that they have completed the University’s mandatory pre-departure orientation in order to be prepared appropriately to travel outside Canada.