3. Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

Role of SAS

  1. SAS facilitates a variety of programs and services to assist students with participating fully in University life and maximizing campus accessibility. These may include:
    1. confirming whether a student has met the criteria for establishing that a Disability exists and helping to identify appropriate options for Academic Accommodations,
    2. providing to a Course Instructor, Notifications as to the appropriate types of Academic Accommodation,
    3. granting common forms of In-Course Academic Accommodations as described in section 5.1 below,
    4. supporting and facilitating the provision of Academic Accommodations by academic departments,
    5. acting as a resource for members of the University community about disability related matters that have an impact on equitable participation in academic life, and
    6. assisting the student in developing strategies for managing daily activities relating to academic life in the context of their disability.


  1. All students who require Academic Accommodation must register with SAS in accordance with this Policy including applicants who submitted information regarding a Disability as part of the Admission process. Submission of information as part of the Admission process does not satisfy registration requirements for SAS.
  2. In order to provide Academic Accommodations in a timely fashion, students are expected to observe the following dates:
    1. First year students must submit a New Student Intake Form (NSIF) by June 15 prior to commencing their program. It is also recommended that first year students participate in SAS orientation programs offered at the start of each academic year.
    2. Transfer students who are admitted after June 15 or who are starting their program in either the winter or summer semester, must submit the NSIF as soon as possible after accepting an offer of admission.
    3. Students who are already attending the University and are registering with SAS for the first time must submit the NSIF as soon as they are aware that a need for accommodation exists.
    4. All new students and any returning students who need to meet with an advisor must normally contact SAS by the end of the first week of classes to book an appointment. If there is an immediate need for an accommodation, students are expected to make this known when booking the appointment.
    5. Students who have registered with SAS in a previous semester must reactivate their status within the first 2 weeks of classes for each semester they are enrolled by following instructions on the SAS website or sent to their University email account.
  3. Efforts will be taken to support students who delay registration with SAS. However, some options may not be available on short notice and may be deferred to a subsequent semester.

SAS Exam Centre

  1. Students who have been approved to write Examinations in the SAS Exam Centre must normally book the appropriate date and time with SAS:
    1. At least 14 days prior to a scheduled midterm examination date, and
    2. No later than the November 1 (fall semester), March 1 (winter semester), or July 1 (summer semester).
  2. Where Examinations are written in the SAS Exam Centre, SAS is responsible for working with the academic unit to :
    1. identify students who will be writing in the SAS Exam Centre at least five working days prior to the scheduled date of the Examination;
    2. arrange for copies of the Examination to be available in the SAS Exam Centre at least three days before it is to be administered to the student, and returned to the department/school on the first working day following the Examination.
    3. arrange for Examinations written in the SAS Exam Centre to be administered at the same time as the rest of the class, except when alternate timing has been approved by the Course Instructor. Examples of when this may be necessary include but are not limited to when:
      • granting additional time causes the scheduling of two Examinations to come into conflict,
      • a Disability precludes the student from being able to write more than one Examination per day,
      • medication required by the student affects the student’s ability to function at particular times of day, or
      • Examinations are scheduled outside of regularly scheduled class times and/or the SAS Exam Centre is closed.