Cancellation of Registration/Voluntary Withdrawal/Required to Withdraw

A student who wishes to withdraw from the university should consult with the departmental Graduate Program Coordinator prior to submitting the withdrawal notice to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Within the time limits stipulated in the Schedule of Dates (Chapter I), approval of a voluntary request to withdraw may entitle the student to a refund on a prorated basis. No such refund shall be approved without the authorization of the Assistant Vice-President (Graduate Studies).

In the event that a student fails to achieve satisfactory standing, or fails to achieve satisfactory progress either in course work or in research, the student may be “Required to Withdraw” (see sections on “Academic Standing/ Departmental Review”, “Grade Interpretation”, and “Unsatisfactory Progress”). The student’s registration will be cancelled as of a date specified by the Board of Graduate Studies. A refund of fees may be authorized depending on the date that the “Required to Withdraw” status is effective.

A student who withdraws voluntarily or is “Required to Withdraw” from the university must return all outstanding loans from the library immediately upon withdrawal, regardless of the original due date. Any items not returned will be declared lost and their cost will be charged to the student's account.