Student Progress Report

The academic record and progress of each student who plans and conducts research toward a thesis or major research paper over two or more semesters will be reviewed by their Advisory Committee at the end of each semester, and no later than the 20th class day of the following semester. A Student Progress Report shall be provided to the student for comment and submitted to the Graduate Program Committee for the program in which the student is enrolled.

This report shall be reviewed by the Graduate Program Committee and forwarded to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. When the progress of a student is evaluated as “Some Concerns” or “Unsatisfactory”, a plan of study, prepared by the Advisory Committee in consultation with the student and with the signed agreement of the student, shall be appended and submitted with the progress report.

Failed Courses

A graduate student who receives a grade of less than 65% in any course (graduate or undergraduate, prescribed, or additional) is deemed to have failed the course.

The student’s Advisory Committee shall as a minimum, note “Some Concerns” on the Student Progress Report for the semester during which the course was taken (see Section II General Regulations, Student Progress Reports). For students in course-based programs not requiring a semesterly report, the Graduate Program Coordinator will prepare a Progress Report.

Following a review of the Student Progress Report, the Graduate Program Committee will make one of the following recommendations to the Admissions & Progress Committee (A&P):

  1. the student shall be required to replace the failed course as soon as possible with another course of equal relevance, rigour and credit value, preferably in the following semester;
  2. the student shall be required to complete remedial studies by registering in a “directed study” course, created by the department, of equal credit value, and which has been tailored to meet the student’s deficiencies from the failed course, preferably in the following semester;
  3. repeat the failed course when it is next offered;
  4. fulfil a Supplemental Condition

Regarding 1) and 2) above, students may not register for courses they have previously passed unless the course has different content (e.g. “Special Topics” courses), or unless expressly directed to do so in writing by A&P.

Regarding 4) above, recommendations for a Supplemental Condition are discouraged, but may be approved by A&P under exceptional circumstances. The following information must be supplied with the recommendation from the Graduate Program Committee:

  • a breakdown of the evaluation and grading scheme for the failed course
  • an indication of the student's performance in each component of the course as provided above
  • an indication of the percentage of the course that the supplemental condition will include
  • a signed statement from the instructor of the course indicating a willingness to provide such a supplemental condition
  • a brief explanation of the reasons the supplemental condition option has been chosen

The student’s Advisory Committee is responsible for informing the student once the decision on a course of action has been approved by either the Graduate Program Committee or A&P.